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If you’re a Wordle aficionado who races through regular games, craving a more intense experience to test your word-guessing skills, then Speedle is the game for you. Speedle is like Wordle on turbo mode, offering an array of customizable settings to transform it into the most challenging version of the game you can imagine. While it may not replace the joy of the original Wordle, it’s undoubtedly one of the finest “unlimited” variants out there.

Speedle kicks off much like Wordle, giving you six opportunities to guess the secret word, with green and yellow squares offering valuable hints. In Speedle, green squares light up when you’ve correctly positioned a letter, while yellow ones indicate that a letter you’ve chosen is in the word but not in the right spot. What sets Speedle apart is that you can play it as many times as you’d like, in contrast to the original Wordle, which limits you to one daily attempt at midnight.

Additionally, Wordle’s initial solutions are consistently five-letter words, adding an extra layer of challenge. Speedle offers even more control by introducing a slider to adjust the word’s difficulty. Positioned at the top of the Speedle interface, this slider allows you to modify the answer’s length, ranging from four to eleven letters. Keep in mind, though, that you’re still only allowed six guesses per game.

Speedle takes Wordle to the next level, providing a thrilling and customizable experience for word game enthusiasts. Say goodbye to waiting for your daily Wordle fix, and embrace the limitless excitement that Speedle offers.

How to play Speedle

In the realm of Speedle, participants embark on their journey to complete assignments using a dynamic combination of both keyboard and mouse. In this digital domain, the mouse serves as the primary tool for players to exert control over their experience. Upon successfully finishing an assignment, the colors of specific letters will provide an immediate indication of the correctness of your response.

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Furthermore, Speedle adds an extra layer of challenge by featuring a pre-configured speed timer. When activated, this timer unveils the intricate code that characterizes the different facets of the word. It reveals the level of difficulty, the precision of your responses, and the total number of words you’ve conquered. It’s a real-time measure of your prowess and speed in the game.

Stay alert and immerse yourself in the world of Speedle, where mastery of the keyboard and mouse can lead to a triumphant finish. Challenge yourself and see how swiftly and accurately you can tackle the assignments. Dive in now and test your skills!


What is Speedle?

Speedle is an exciting and fast-paced word puzzle game that builds upon the popular Wordle concept. It challenges players to guess a hidden word within a set number of attempts, offering a unique twist to test your word-guessing skills.

How does Speedle differ from Wordle?

Speedle is similar to Wordle in its core concept but offers more control and customization. Unlike Wordle, Speedle allows you to adjust the word’s length, offers unlimited daily plays, and provides real-time feedback on your progress.

What are the game controls in Speedle?

Speedle is primarily controlled using the mouse. Players select letters and submit their guesses with the mouse, making it a user-friendly and accessible game for all.

How is the correctness of my guesses indicated in Speedle?

In Speedle, the game immediately provides feedback on the accuracy of your guesses through color-coded letters. Green squares indicate a correctly placed letter, while yellow squares signify a correct letter in the wrong position.

How do I start playing Speedle?

To start playing Speedle, simply access the game, select the word length and timer options, and begin guessing the hidden word within the allotted attempts. The objective is to complete the assignment as swiftly and accurately as possible.


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