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Welcome to Avoidle, the exciting word game where your goal is to accumulate as many points as possible while avoiding a specific word! In Avoidle, you’ll be tasked with steering clear of a designated word, and you’ll have numerous opportunities to enter different words before that target word becomes the only one left.

In this game, the points awarded for each letter depend on its rarity. The rarer a letter is, the more valuable it becomes.

To maximize your score, keep these three guidelines in mind:

  • You are permitted to use letters that are not found in the word “avoid” up to three times.
  • If a letter is included in the word “Avoid,” you can use it as many times as you’d like, but it must also be utilized in the subsequent word.
  • If a letter is positioned next to the word “avoid,” it must maintain the same location in the following words.

As you progress, every three words you create will earn you a hint, allowing you to enhance your gameplay strategy. Enjoy the challenge and aim to achieve the highest score possible in this captivating word game, available in the English language. Let the wordplay begin!

How to play Avoidle

In the thrilling game of Avoidle, each letter you incorporate into a word contributes points to your score, with the value determined by the rarity of the letter as indicated on the keyboard. Your ultimate objective? Achieve the highest score imaginable.

To excel in Avoidle, adhere to these three essential rules:

  • You have the flexibility to employ letters not found in the word “Avoid” up to three times.
  • If you utilize a letter that’s contained within the “Avoid” word, feel free to use it as frequently as you wish, but make sure it continues to appear in subsequent words.
  • When a letter occupies the same position as it does in the “Avoid” word, it must maintain that identical position in subsequent words.
Play Avoidle Online

As you embark on your wordplay journey, take note that hints become accessible after every three words you craft. Accumulate these hints as you progress through the game.

Enjoy the captivating challenges of Avoidle, available in the English language, and aim to secure the highest score possible. Let the word games commence!


What is Avoidle?

Avoidle is an engaging word game where players aim to score points by creating words while avoiding a specific target word.

How do I earn points in Avoidle?

Points in Avoidle are earned based on the rarity of the letters used in your words. Less common letters are worth more points, as indicated on the keyboard.

What is the objective of Avoidle?

The primary objective is to score as many points as possible while adhering to the game’s rules, such as avoiding a specific word and using letters strategically.

How often do hints become available in the game?

Hints become available after every three words you create in the game. They can be valuable for enhancing your gameplay strategy.

Are there any rules to follow in the game?

Yes, there are three key rules to follow:You can use letters not present in the “Avoid” word up to three times.
If you use a letter from the “Avoid” word, you can use it as many times as you want but must continue to use it in subsequent words.
If a letter is in the same position as it is in the “Avoid” word, it must maintain that position in subsequent words.

Is Avoidle a single-player or multiplayer game?

Avoidle can be enjoyed as both a single-player and multiplayer game, allowing you to compete with friends or challenge yourself individually.


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