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If you have a passion for movies and enjoy the challenge of identifying films from brief glimpses, then Flickle is the perfect game for you! Test your movie knowledge by identifying films from a series of short clips. With Flickle, there’s no pausing to scrutinize the scenes; you’ll need to rely on your instincts and movie expertise to make accurate guesses as you play. Are you up for the challenge of deciphering the plot from these quick clips? Join Flickle now!

How to play the Fickle game?

Guessing the movie of the day is a breeze with Flickle! Simply enter the film’s title, and if you find yourself stumped, don’t worry—Flickle grants extra seconds to help you catch more glimpses of the scenes.

In a format reminiscent of Heardle, the music-guessing game, Flickle teases you with one-second snippets until you correctly identify the film. Unlike Framed, another film-themed guessing game with more cryptic images, Flickle keeps it straightforward.

To play, watch the clip and make your guess for the film of the day. Start typing to put your movie knowledge to the test. If you’re still uncertain, you can use skips and incorrect guesses to access up to five additional clips.

Challenge yourself to find the solution in as few attempts as possible, and don’t forget to share your score with friends!

You get six chances each day to play Flickle. It’s a must-try for movie enthusiasts who enjoy Wordle and want to deepen their film knowledge. Flickle has already become an internet sensation, so dive in, have fun, and may the best guesser win!


What is Flickle?

Flickle is an exciting game that challenges your movie knowledge. It presents short clips from films, and your goal is to guess the movie’s title based on these clips.

How do I play Flickle?

Playing Flickle is easy! Just watch the clip and type in the title of the movie you think it belongs to. If you’re unsure, Flickle provides extra time to view more scenes or lets you use skips for additional clues.

Is Flickle similar to Heardle or Framed?

Yes, Flickle’s format is similar to Heardle, the music-guessing game that plays one-second snippets of songs until you identify the tune. However, Flickle is different from Framed, another film-themed guessing game, as it offers a more straightforward approach with fewer cryptic images.

How many chances do I get to play Flickle each day?

You have six chances per day to test your movie knowledge and enjoy Flickle’s addictive gameplay.

Can I play Flickle offline?

Flickle typically requires an internet connection to access movie clips and updates, but some versions may offer limited offline play options.

Is Flickle free to play, or are there in-app purchases?

Flickle is typically free to play, but it may offer in-app purchases for additional features or to enhance your gaming experience. Be sure to check the app store for details.


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