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A Gordle, in essence, is a clever puzzle that challenges your pattern recognition skills. These brain teasers often leave little room for ambiguity, making the solving process refreshingly straightforward.

One common type of Gordle is the logic puzzle, sometimes referred to as permutation or inversion puzzles. These mind-bending challenges task you with uncovering precise solutions for given words, putting your Logical Thinking abilities to the test. For instance, let’s consider the puzzle “GORGLED,” described as a term indicating extensive testing and revision, yet still falling short. Your mission here is to deduce the specific modifications that occurred and understand why the word is labeled as GORGLED.

Another fascinating variant of Gordle is the anagram puzzle, often recognized as jumbled word puzzles. In these brain-teasers, a cluster of letters is rearranged in such a way that, when reshuffled or read differently, it forms a new word or phrase (in reverse). For example, if we presented you with “GORBLE” and asked you to complete it, your answer would be “GOREBLESTORE.”

These Gordles promise an engaging challenge, testing your cognitive prowess while offering a satisfying mental workout. So, if you’re ready to sharpen your wits and enjoy a puzzle-solving adventure, Gordles await your exploration.

How To Play Gordle

Unlocking the secrets of Gordle can be quite the challenge with only five to six attempts at guessing the hockey player’s last name. When you successfully guess a letter, the box will light up in a vibrant green, but an incorrect letter will turn it a sunny yellow. If you find your box turning grey, it means your guess missed the mark.

So, why is Gordle such a brain-teaser? Well, it’s because in this game, you must guess the last names of hockey players with just five letters. This means there’s no room for random guesses; you’ll need to rely on your knowledge of hockey players from the past.

Play Gordle Online

But fear not, Gordle offers a rewarding experience for hockey enthusiasts who also love word puzzles. With a variety of puzzles to solve, you can enjoy this game repeatedly. Plus, don’t forget to check out the daily solutions for some helpful hints to conquer this challenging puzzle game.

Embrace Gordle as your new pastime while eagerly awaiting the next round of Wordle!


What is Gordle?

Gordle is an exciting word puzzle game that challenges players to guess a hidden word using a limited number of attempts. It’s a fun and brain-teasing game that requires word-guessing skills.

How do I play Gordle?

In Gordle, you’re presented with a series of letters and a hint. Your goal is to guess the hidden word by typing in your guesses. If a letter is correct and in the right position, it turns green. If it’s correct but in the wrong position, it turns yellow. An incorrect letter will turn the box gray.

How many attempts do I get in Gordle?

You typically have five to six attempts to guess the hidden word in Gordle. Make each guess count, as your goal is to solve the puzzle with as few tries as possible.

What kind of words are used in Gordle puzzles?

Gordle puzzles feature a variety of words and phrases, including common words, phrases, and sometimes even slang or specialized terminology. The diversity of words keeps the game engaging and dynamic.

Is Gordle available on mobile devices?

Many versions of Gordle are available as mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices, making it convenient to play on the go.

Is there a time limit for solving Gordle puzzles?

Typically, there’s no strict time limit for solving Gordle puzzles. You can take your time to carefully consider your guesses and work toward finding the hidden word.


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