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Meet Vignesh Venkat, a passionate software student and avid gamer hailing from the vibrant city of San Francisco. Vignesh has ingeniously crafted an exciting Wordle variation he aptly named “Hardle” – and let me assure you, it’s not your run-of-the-mill digital game.

In terms of design, concept, and gameplay, Hardle remains remarkably faithful to its Wordle predecessor. However, my initial skepticism about Hardle, which boldly labels itself as “Hard Wordle,” was quickly dispelled once I delved into the game. Brace yourself for a real challenge!

Hardle presents you with a daily word puzzle akin to Wordle, but here’s the twist – you’re given 8 attempts to crack the enigmatic word, as opposed to Wordle’s 6 tries. Hardle spices things up with a vibrant color scheme, featuring shades of pink, blue, and gray, a departure from Wordle’s familiar green, gray, and yellow palette. But that’s not all.

What sets Hardle apart is the delightful unpredictability of its pink and blue hues. Like mischievous twins, they swap roles at their whims. If today’s blue tiles signify partially correct letters, tomorrow, it might be the pink tiles that represent the completely correct ones. This delightful game of color roulette is what truly earns Hardle its moniker as the “Hard Wordle.”

So, gear up for a challenging wordplay experience like no other. Hardle is here to test your linguistic prowess, and you’ll soon discover just how exhilarating this word game can be. Get ready to embrace the challenge!

How to play Hardle

In the captivating world of Hardle, you’ll be challenged with solving the daily puzzle using a total of 8 attempts. What sets Hardle apart is its unique hint system, employing dynamic pink and blue hints (with gray indicating incorrect letters) to guide players in their quest to uncover the target word.

Picture this scenario: In today’s game, the pink tiles serve as indicators for letters that are absolutely correct, firmly in their designated spots. Conversely, the blue tiles point out letters that are partially correct but not quite in the right place. However, here’s the kicker – tomorrow, these roles might flip. The pink tiles could represent partially correct letters, while the blue ones signify the perfectly placed ones.

Play Hardle Online

Navigating a Hardle grid requires you to decipher the correct letters while simultaneously discerning whether it’s a “pink day” or a “blue day.” Since the meaning of these colors changes unpredictably from day to day, predicting the outcome becomes a delightful challenge. Determining which color to focus on to unravel the complete word is an intriguing puzzle in itself. May the odds be in your favor as you embark on this thrilling wordplay adventure!


What is Hardle?

Hardle is a word puzzle game that challenges players to guess a daily mystery word within 8 attempts. It’s an exciting variation of the popular Wordle game.

How does the hint system work in Hardle?

Hardle uses a hint system with pink and blue hints (and gray for incorrect letters). Pink hints represent letters that are entirely correct and in the right place, while blue hints signify letters that are partially correct but not in the correct position. The gray hints indicate letters that don’t belong to the word.

Do the roles of pink and blue hints change every day?

Yes, the roles of pink and blue hints can change from one day to the next. In one game, pink might represent entirely correct letters, while in another, it could represent partially correct ones. This adds an element of unpredictability and challenge to the game.

How do I succeed in Hardle when the hint colors change daily?

Success in Hardle requires adaptability and strategy. Pay close attention to the hints and try to discern whether it’s a “pink day” or a “blue day.” Make educated guesses based on the changing color meanings to find the correct word.

How often are new puzzles available in Hardle?

New puzzles are available in Hardle every day. It’s a daily challenge that keeps you engaged and entertained.

Is there a leaderboard or scoring system in Hardle?

While specific features may vary, many versions of Hardle include scoring systems and leaderboards that allow you to compare your performance with other players and track your progress.


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