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Step back in time and immerse yourself in the unforgettable sounds of the 1970s with Heardle 70s! This music-centric game transports you to an era where disco beats, rock anthems, and soulful melodies reigned supreme. Get ready to groove to the iconic tunes that defined the 70s in an engaging and interactive gaming experience.

Nostalgic Melodies That Transcend Time

Heardle 70s is a heartfelt tribute to the rich musical tapestry and cultural influence of the 1970s. Dive into a world where disco balls lit up dance floors, platform shoes strutted their stuff, and legendary rock bands took center stage. From the infectious dance hits of the Bee Gees to the electrifying guitar riffs of Led Zeppelin, this game captures the very essence of a decade that continues to shape music and pop culture.

A Journey Through Musical Diversity

Heardle 70s invites you to explore the diverse musical landscape of the 1970s, featuring a wide range of genres that defined the era. From the funky and soulful rhythms to the glitz and glam of rock and punk, the game showcases an extensive collection of iconic tracks that will transport you back in time. Each song carries its own unique story, providing players with an immersive journey through the ever-evolving sounds of the 70s.

Prepare to embark on a musical adventure that transcends generations, all while reliving the timeless classics that continue to inspire music lovers today. Whether you’re a fan of disco, rock, funk, or soul, Heardle 70s has something special in store for every music enthusiast. Get ready to test your knowledge and groove to the beats of the 70s like never before!

How to Play Heardle 70s

Heardle 70s

Step into the groove of the 1970s with Heardle 70s, a game that challenges your knowledge of iconic 70s music. Here’s your guide to mastering the game:

  1. Listen and Identify: Listen closely to the musical introduction. Your task is to identify the correct 70s song from the provided list. Pay attention to the rhythm, melody, and lyrics to pinpoint the right track.
  2. Strategize Your Guesses: Each incorrect attempt reveals more of the introduction, giving you clues to refine your guess. Use this information wisely and strategize your next attempt. The fewer guesses you make, the higher your score.
  3. Precision is Key: Aim to guess the song with the fewest number of trials possible. Precision and quick recognition are your allies in this musical challenge.
  4. Tap to Begin: Tap to initiate the song and make sure to turn up the volume to fully immerse yourself in the authentic 70s sound experience.
  5. Post Your Score: After successfully identifying the song, post your score! Challenge your friends and fellow music enthusiasts to beat your record and revel in the 70s nostalgia together.

Heardle 70s is not just a game; it’s a musical journey back in time. Test your knowledge, enjoy the tunes, and share the fun with others. Let the 1970s melodies sweep you off your feet! Start the game, tap into the rhythm, and let the nostalgia flow!


Can I play Heardle 70s on my mobile device?

Yes, Heardle 70s is accessible on both desktop and mobile devices, making it convenient to enjoy the game wherever you go.

What happens if I guess incorrectly?

Each incorrect guess reveals more of the musical introduction, which can help you narrow down your choices for subsequent attempts.

How is my score determined in Heardle 70s?

Your score is based on the number of guesses you make to correctly identify the song. The fewer guesses you need, the higher your score will be.

Can I compete with friends in Heardle 70s?

Absolutely! Challenge your friends and family to see who can guess the songs with the fewest tries and achieve the highest scores.

Are there different levels or categories in Heardle 70s?

Currently, Heardle 70s focuses on music from the 1970s. There may be future updates or versions with additional features.


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