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Larry Birdle 2, the much-anticipated sequel to the popular NBA player guessing game, is here! Can you complete the game board in just 24 strategic moves and uncover all the hidden teams?

If you’re a fan of the NBA, Larry Birdle 2 is tailor-made for you. Experience the thrill of this online game that has taken the internet by storm in just a matter of hours. With a new mystery player to decipher every day, the excitement never ends!

How to Play: Larry Birdle 2 presents you with groups of five tiles, each corresponding to the last name of an NBA player or a team. Our data includes the most frequently used lineups for each NBA team since the 2015-16 season.

Here’s how it works:

  • Click on a tile to select it.
  • Click on another tile to swap it with your selected tile.

Align three correct tiles, and watch them turn a pleasing light yellow. Achieve a streak of four correct tiles, and they’ll transform into a deeper shade of yellow.

Your mission is to discover all six hidden teams, with one team concealing the others. Feel free to play as many times as you desire – there are no limits to the Larry Birdle 2 adventure!

Remember, this game is available exclusively in English. Dive into the world of Larry Birdle 2 and put your NBA knowledge to the test today!

How To Play Larry Birdle 2

To kickstart your Larry Birdle 2 adventure, simply pick a tile that corresponds to an NBA player’s last name or an NBA team. Then, click on another tile to swap them and aim to create perfect tile matches.

Play Larry Birdle 2

Achieve the following:

  • Align three tiles accurately to witness them illuminate in a delightful light yellow hue.
  • Masterfully pair four tiles to see them transform into a richer, deeper shade of yellow.

Your primary objective: Successfully unveil six hidden NBA teams by skillfully aligning the tiles. But here’s the catch – you must do it within a challenging limit of just 24 moves!

Larry Birdle 2 promises an exciting fusion of basketball trivia and mind-bending puzzles, making it an absolute delight for sports aficionados and puzzle enthusiasts alike. Are you ready to take on this electrifying challenge? Put your NBA lineup knowledge to the test and enjoy every moment of Larry Birdle 2!


What is Larry Birdle 2?

Larry Birdle 2 is an online game that challenges players to guess NBA players and teams by matching tiles. It combines elements of basketball trivia and tile-matching puzzles for an exciting gaming experience.

How do I play Larry Birdle 2?

Playing Larry Birdle 2 is simple. Click on a tile representing an NBA player’s last name or an NBA team, and then click on another tile to swap them. Your goal is to match the tiles correctly and uncover hidden NBA teams.

What happens when I match tiles correctly?

When you align three tiles correctly, they will turn light yellow. If you manage to match four tiles accurately, they will transform into a darker shade of yellow.

What’s the main objective in Larry Birdle 2?

Your primary objective is to reveal and identify six NBA teams by aligning the tiles correctly. You have a maximum of 24 moves to complete this challenging puzzle.

Is Larry Birdle 2 free to play?

Yes, Larry Birdle 2 is a free online game, offering hours of entertainment without any cost.

Can I share my Larry Birdle 2 achievements with friends?

Larry Birdle 2 does not currently have a social sharing feature, but you can challenge your friends to play and see who can complete the puzzle in the fewest moves!


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