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Discover the thrill of Lookdle, the exciting pixelated picture guessing game! Challenge your celebrity knowledge as you attempt to identify the famous person behind the pixels. With just five chances to guess their name correctly, the stakes are high. Each incorrect guess reveals more of the picture, increasing your chances of success. Can you decipher the mystery and unveil the person’s identity? Dive into the fun and put your celebrity recognition skills to the test with Lookdle!

How to play

Embark on an exciting journey with Lookdle, the ultimate challenge for celebrity enthusiasts! In this captivating game, you’ll test your knowledge by guessing the identity of a famous person from the world of movies, television, music, or the film industry. Armed with just five attempts, you must unveil the mystery celebrity hidden within a deliberately blurry image. Unlike Wordle’s color-coded hints, Lookdle offers no green, yellow, or gray tiles to guide you, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the game. Can you crack the enigma and identify the hidden star before the picture sharpens with each guess?

Play Lookdle Online

Similar to Wordle, Lookdle offers a daily dose of brain-teasing fun, providing players with a fresh challenge each day. Share your triumphs and scores on your favorite social media platforms to connect with fellow enthusiasts. Just like Wordle, Lookdle is a once-a-day treat.

The charm and adaptability of this word-guessing game have led to an array of thrilling spin-offs, including Heardle for music lovers, Moviedle for cinephiles, Worldle for geography buffs, and more. Dive into the world of Lookdle and enjoy the challenge


What is Lookdle?

Lookdle is an engaging word-guessing game that challenges players to identify the name of a famous person from the world of movies, television, music, or the film industry. It adds an element of intrigue by presenting the player with a deliberately blurry image of the mystery celebrity.

How do I play Lookdle?

To play Lookdle, you’ll be presented with a blurred image of a famous person. You have five chances to correctly guess their name. Unlike Wordle, Lookdle doesn’t provide green, yellow, or gray hints. With each guess, the image becomes clearer, making it easier to identify the celebrity.

Where can I share my Lookdle results and scores?

You can share your Lookdle results and scores on various social media platforms to connect with friends and fellow enthusiasts. It’s a great way to showcase your celebrity knowledge and compete with others.

Are there any spin-off versions of Lookdle?

Yes, Lookdle’s simple yet addictive gameplay has inspired a range of spin-off games for different interests. Some popular ones include Heardle for music enthusiasts, Moviedle for movie buffs, and Worldle for geography lovers.

Is Lookdle available on mobile devices?

Lookdle is typically available as a web-based game, accessible through your internet browser. However, depending on its popularity, there may be mobile app versions available for download in the future.

Can I suggest famous people for Lookdle puzzles?

While the ability to suggest celebrities may vary by platform or version, some Lookdle iterations allow users to submit celebrity names for consideration. Check the specific Lookdle version you’re playing for details on how to make suggestions.

Where can I find Lookdle to start playing?

You can typically find Lookdle by searching for it in your internet browser or by visiting websites and platforms that host the game. Keep an eye out for official Lookdle websites or trusted gaming portals to get started.


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