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Mathler is a thrilling Wordle game with a mathematical twist that will put your thinking skills to the test. In this captivating game, your mission is to discover the single correct math operation that results in a given number. Get ready to embrace simple math operations, where each cell represents a digit from 0 to 9 or the characters +, -, *, and /.

The Mathler Challenge

Mathler sets itself apart from other crossword puzzle Wordle games by focusing on enhancing your calculation speed. You won’t need an extensive English vocabulary like in word games; instead, you’ll dive into a world of numbers and equations. The game encourages you to comprehend the question and perform the appropriate calculation swiftly. Keep in mind that the calculations adhere to the rules of multiplication and division before addition and subtraction, just like in mathematics. Additionally, Mathler automatically rearranges numbers to ensure they yield the same result. For instance, if the correct answer is 2+3+5, and you enter it as 3+2+5, Mathler will adjust it to the correct format for you.

A Blend of Wordle and Math

Mathler seamlessly combines elements of Wordle games with its unique math-focused gameplay. After entering your calculation and hitting the Enter button, colors will provide feedback on the presence of digits in the calculation. Green indicates that the digit is present and in the correct position, yellow signifies the digit is present but in the wrong place, and gray indicates that the digit is not part of the calculation.

Ready to Exercise Your Math Skills? Let’s Play!

If you’re up for a math challenge that sharpens your calculation speed, Mathler is the game for you. Prepare to embark on an exhilarating journey of numbers, equations, and problem-solving. Are you ready to take on the Mathler challenge? Let’s play now and see how fast you can crack the math code!

How To Play Mathler

Mathler is a captivating math-based game that draws inspiration from the popular Wordle concept. In Mathler, your task is to harness the power of four mathematical operations (+, -, *, and /) along with the digits 0-9 to craft an equation that equals the provided answer.

Mathler Play Online

What Sets Mathler Apart?

Unlike Wordle, Mathler offers you a unique advantage—you already have the answer in your possession. Your challenge is to uncover the hidden calculation within just six attempts. After each guess, the color of the tiles will provide valuable feedback to gauge your proximity to the solution:

  • Green indicates that a digit is in the correct position.
  • Orange signifies that a digit is part of the solution but is in a different position.
  • Gray implies that the digit is not part of the solution.

Embark on Your Mathler Journey

Are you ready to test your math-solving skills in this Wordle-inspired math game? Dive into the world of Mathler and embark on a thrilling adventure where numbers and equations await your discovery. With the answer at your fingertips, the challenge lies in crafting the perfect equation. Can you find the hidden calculation in just six guesses? Play now and put your mathematical prowess to the test!

Rules For Playing Mathler

As you dive deeper into the exciting world of Mathler, it’s essential to grasp some additional rules that will enhance your gameplay experience:

  1. Repetition Allowed: Numbers and operators are not one-time use items. Feel free to use them multiple times within your equation to reach the desired result.
  2. Order of Operations: When crafting your equation, remember the fundamental order of operations in mathematics. That means performing division (/) or multiplication (*) before addition (+) or subtraction (-) to ensure accurate results.
  3. Embrace Commutative Solutions: In Mathler, commutative solutions are embraced and accepted. For example, both “20+7+3” and “3+7+20” are valid solutions to the same problem. The beauty is that Mathler automatically rearranges commutative solutions to reveal the exact solution, ensuring fairness and accuracy.

With these additional rules in your toolkit, you’re better equipped to conquer the intriguing challenges that Mathler has in store for you. Enjoy the game and let your mathematical creativity flourish!


How does Mathler differ from Wordle?

In Mathler, players receive the answer in advance and must craft an equation within six guesses to match the given result. Unlike Wordle, Mathler provides the solution upfront.

Can numbers and operators be repeated in the equation?

Yes, in Mathler, numbers and operators can appear multiple times within your equation, offering flexibility in crafting your solution.

What is the order of operations in Mathler?

To ensure accurate results in Mathler, adhere to the order of operations in mathematics. Perform division (/) or multiplication (*) before addition (+) or subtraction (-).

Are commutative solutions accepted in Mathler?

Absolutely! Mathler embraces commutative solutions. For example, both “20+7+3” and “3+7+20” are considered valid solutions to the same problem. Mathler will automatically rearrange commutative solutions to reveal the exact solution.

How many guesses do I have in Mathler?

In Mathler, you have a total of six guesses to craft the correct equation that matches the provided answer.

Is Mathler suitable for all ages?

Yes, Mathler is designed to be an accessible and enjoyable math game for players of various ages and mathematical backgrounds.


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