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Are you a die-hard movie enthusiast with an uncanny ability to identify a film from just a fleeting glimpse? If so, Moviedle was tailor-made for you! Moviedle isn’t your typical Wordle-inspired game; it’s a thrilling twist for movie buffs. Instead of wordplay, Moviedle challenges you to identify a film based on a series of rapid sequences that flash before your eyes in mere seconds. This game demands razor-sharp attention to detail and a deep love for the silver screen. Are you up for the challenge?”

How to play the Moviedle game?

Prepare for a cinematic adventure like no other with Moviedle! On your first attempt, you’re presented with a mere one-second glimpse of an entire movie, flashing before your eyes from start to finish. But fret not! About 10 quick clips are played every second, designed to aid you in deciphering the movie of the day. To triumph, all you need is the title of today’s featured film.

You’ve got six attempts to crack the movie mystery, and with each new try, the pace slows down slightly. Moviedle graciously adds more seconds to your viewing time as long as you don’t correctly guess the movie’s title. The length of these hint clips progressively extends, reaching a generous six seconds on your sixth attempt. Just like Wordle, there’s only one chance to play Moviedle each day.

Play Moviedle Game Online

And the excitement doesn’t end there! Whether you’ve guessed the movie correctly or not, you can revisit previous day’s puzzles by clicking the calendar icon in the upper right corner. Plus, you can track your gaming stats by clicking the button adjacent to the calendar. Discover how many times you’ve played, when your winning streak came to an end, and your overall winning percentage.

Moviedle also provides valuable links to the film’s IMDb page and where you can stream it at your own pace. It’s a must-try for Wordle enthusiasts eager to explore the world of movies. Keep in mind that Moviedle is distinct from Framed, which showcases movie stills that become clearer with additional clues.

Dive into the world of Moviedle and test your movie knowledge today!”


What is Moviedle?

Moviedle is a thrilling online game that challenges players to identify a movie based on a brief one-second clip that displays the entire film from start to finish. It’s a fun test of your movie knowledge and attention to detail.

How do I play Moviedle?

Playing Moviedle is easy. You’ll see a one-second clip of a movie, and your task is to guess the movie’s title. You have six attempts to get it right, and each incorrect guess adds more seconds of the clip, making it progressively longer.

Can I play Moviedle multiple times a day?

No, like Wordle, Moviedle offers only one challenge per day. You can revisit the previous day’s puzzles by clicking the calendar icon.

What happens if I can’t guess the movie within six attempts?

If you can’t identify the movie within six attempts, the hint clips become longer, up to a maximum of six seconds on the sixth turn. Keep trying!

How can I access my gaming statistics in Moviedle?

To check your Moviedle statistics, click the button next to the calendar icon. You can see how many times you’ve played, when your winning streak ended, and your overall winning percentage.

Does Moviedle provide additional information about the movies?

Yes, Moviedle offers links to the IMDb page of the featured film, allowing you to learn more about it. It also provides links to where you can watch the streaming version at your own pace.

Is there a time limit for answering in Moviedle?

No, there’s no time limit for answering in Moviedle. You can take your time to make your guess, but remember, you can’t pause or replay the video clip once it starts.


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