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Looking for an exciting word-guessing challenge? Look no further than Periodle, a captivating game that draws inspiration from Wordle and its various counterparts. In Periodle, your task is to unravel words crafted from the elements listed on the periodic table, spanning from Hydrogen to Oganesson.

What sets Periodle apart is its intriguing twist: the length of the puzzle solution can vary, ranging from five to ten letters, owing to the fact that some elemental abbreviations consist of two letters. While many of us have become adept at conjuring up five-letter words thanks to Wordle, Periodle pushes us to expand our vocabulary and tackle longer, more complex words.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. Periodle introduces an ingenious mechanic that elevates the challenge – orange letters. When a component is highlighted in orange, it signifies its presence in the solution word, even though it doesn’t belong there. Let’s illustrate this with an example: your initial guess is “Piracy,” and you’ve guessed the components “P,” “I,” and “Ra.” As depicted in the graphic below, these letters are indeed part of the answer word. However, the final solution is “Practical,” making these specific components incorrect.

Prepare to broaden your word-hunting horizons with Periodle, where the periodic table becomes your playground. Challenge yourself, have fun, and uncover the mysteries of words composed of chemical elements. Periodle – the ultimate word-guessing adventure awaits.

How to play Periodle

Prepare for a gaming experience like none other with Periodle. In this unique twist on word-guessing games, you won’t be tackling the typical word puzzles. Instead, you’ll be delving into the world of chemical elements, ranging from hydrogen to oganesson on the periodic table, to decipher your word.

Here’s how it works: you have a total of 8 attempts to guess the word, and you can input words ranging from 5 to 10 letters in length, provided they are valid English words found within the periodic table elements.

Our meticulously curated list offers over a thousand word options, each with a length between six and ten letters. We’ve intentionally excluded five-letter words from the mix to keep things challenging. Your guess will determine the color-coding of the elements. Gray elements have no place in the final word, while yellow elements are part of the solution but not where you might expect them. When elements turn green in your solution, they’re in their correct positions. And if you successfully guess the word, all letters will turn blue, indicating victory.

Play Periodle Online

Discover the thrill of Periodle, where chemistry and wordplay combine to create an unforgettable gaming experience. Can you rise to the challenge and decode the hidden words within the periodic table? Dive in and put your skills to the test today.


What is Periodle?

Periodle is an exciting word-guessing game inspired by Wordle and themed around the periodic table. Instead of guessing ordinary words, players decipher words using chemical elements listed on the periodic table, ranging from hydrogen to oganesson.

How do I play Periodle?

To play Periodle, you have 8 attempts to guess the word. You can enter words with lengths from 5 to 10 letters, as long as they are valid English words formed using elements from the periodic table.

How are words chosen in Periodle?

The game offers a selection of over a thousand words, each with a length of six to ten letters, manually filtered for playability. Five-letter words are intentionally excluded from the list to provide a challenging experience.

What do the colors in Periodle signify?

In Periodle, colors indicate the status of elements in your guess. Gray elements have no place in the final word, yellow elements are part of the solution but not in their expected positions, and green elements are correctly placed. When you guess the correct word, all letters turn blue.

How often are new puzzles added to Periodle?

New puzzles are typically added regularly to keep the game fresh and engaging. Check back frequently for new challenges and word-guessing fun.


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