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Discover Pimantle, a captivating variation of the classic word game genre, taking inspiration from the ever-popular Wordle. Unlike conventional word games that focus solely on letter matching, Pimantle introduces a refreshing dimension by incorporating word meanings to assess players’ guesses.

The objective of Pimantle is to unravel a hidden word using provided clues. Every day, an intriguing new puzzle awaits you on the official Pimantle website, available for players to engage with after midnight.

In the world of Pimantle, your task is to guess a word that best corresponds to the secret one. Your guesses are meticulously evaluated, not just for letter accuracy, but for their semantic alignment with the concealed answer. The closer your guess aligns in terms of meaning, the higher your score soars.

Pimantle delivers comprehensive feedback on the degree of semantic similarity between your guess and the concealed word. The feedback’s core indicates tight semantic correspondence. A well-aligned guess is highlighted in green and rewarded with a higher score, while those farther from the mark remain colorless and garner a lower score.

The score assigned to each guess mirrors its proximity to the mystery word in terms of meaning. The ultimate goal is to make educated guesses that closely resemble the hidden word to achieve an impressive score.

Experience the thrilling fusion of wordplay and semantics with Pimantle. Join us on the official website daily after midnight to put your word-solving skills to the test. Dive into a word game that challenges your linguistic wit like never before.

Pimantle Features

  • Semantic Sensation: Pimantle revolutionizes word games by incorporating word meanings to assess guesses, injecting a distinctive twist into the traditional genre.
  • Daily Brain Teasers: Embrace the excitement of daily challenges! Visit the official Pimantle website every day to tackle fresh puzzles that test your word-solving skills.
  • Precise Feedback: Pimantle’s feedback system meticulously evaluates the semantic similarity between your guess and the hidden word. Expect to see your well-aligned guesses highlighted in vibrant green.
  • Scoreboard Success: Pimantle’s scoring system assigns a score based on the meaningful alignment of your guess with the mystery word. Strive for high scores by making educated guesses.
  • Challenge and Complexity: Experience a deeper level of gameplay with Pimantle. This game transcends mere letter matching, urging players to explore semantic similarity and engage in a more complex word-solving journey.

Elevate your word game to new heights with Pimantle’s innovative approach and daily challenges. Dive into a world of wordplay and meaning, and let your linguistic prowess shine.

How To Play Pimantle

Play Pimantle Online
  • Make Your Guess: Begin by guessing the mystery word of the day.
  • Aim for the Center: Your guess is considered more semantically similar the closer it is to the center.
  • Caution on Content: Please note that the dataset includes objectionable words, including slurs. Be aware that the “hint” and “explore” features may reveal such content.
  • Submit with Enter: To submit your guess, simply press the enter key.

Enjoy playing our word game, and keep these guidelines in mind for a satisfying experience.

Game Rules

Test Your Word Skills: Using the provided clues, players are tasked with guessing a word that closely aligns with the hidden word’s meaning.

Feedback on Semantic Harmony: Once you’ve made your guess, Pimantle’s feedback system evaluates the semantic similarity between your guess and the correct answer. Guesses that are a snug fit appear in vibrant green, while more distant guesses earn lower scores.

Scoring Precision: The score allocated to each guess is a reflection of its alignment with the mystery word’s meaning. Your aim is to make guesses that mirror the correct word as closely as possible to attain a top score.

Daily Challenge: Pimantle treats players to a fresh puzzle every day, offering ongoing opportunities to hone your skills and strive for improvement.


What is Pimantle?

Pimantle is a unique word game that combines word meanings to evaluate guesses, offering a fresh twist on traditional word games.

How can I play Pimantle?

To play Pimantle, visit the official Pimantle website after midnight and guess the word based on the given clues.

How is my guess evaluated in Pimantle?

Pimantle evaluates guesses based on semantic similarity. Closer guesses to the hidden word’s meaning are represented in green.

How do I submit my guess in Pimantle?

To submit your guess in Pimantle, simply press the enter key.

Where can I play Pimantle?

You can play Pimantle on the official Pimantle website.

Can I play Pimantle for free?

Pimantle is typically available for free on its official website, but additional features or versions may have different pricing models. Check the official website for details.


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