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Are you ready to put your music knowledge to the test? Look no further than ReHeardle, the captivating music game that promises entertainment and excitement for music enthusiasts. Located at, ReHeardle takes the classic Heardle game to the next level, offering a thrilling and challenging experience.

Gameplay at a Glance:

  • Song Snippet: Prepare to be challenged as ReHeardle presents you with a brief, two-second snippet of a popular song’s introduction. This audio gem contains just enough to jog your memory if you’re familiar with the tune.
  • Guess the Song: Sharpen your listening skills and make a quick guess about the song’s artist and title based on the snippet. Type your answer, and then select the correct song from the provided list before hitting that submit button.
  • Multiple Attempts: Don’t worry if you’re stumped or need more context. ReHeardle allows you to skip your turn and move on to the next song. Incorrect guesses or skips unlock more of the introduction, giving you a better chance to make an informed guess in your subsequent attempts.
  • Scoring: Strive for accuracy in as few tries as possible to secure a top-notch score. You can even share your scores with friends and fellow music enthusiasts to spark friendly competition.

ReHeardle caters specifically to music aficionados who relish the challenge of identifying popular songs and their creators. The game’s high-paced, engaging nature adds an extra layer of entertainment, making it an irresistible choice for those looking to test their music IQ.

As the ultimate and final iteration of Heardle, ReHeardle boasts an extensive collection of songs to keep you entertained. However, for more detailed information about ReHeardle’s availability and features, we recommend checking official sources and platforms.

Get ready to dive into the world of music with ReHeardle at, where entertainment and challenge await. Start guessing, start scoring, and start the music madness today!

How to play ReHeardle

Dive into a world of musical challenges with our wide array of game modes. Whether you’re a fan of the classics or have a soft spot for the ’80s and ’90s, we’ve got you covered. Choose your favorite mode and let the fun begin!

Play ReHeardle Online

Gameplay Made Exciting:

  • Song Selection: Get ready for a musical journey as players are presented with a snippet of a song and tasked with identifying its title. You’ve got six attempts to crack the code.
  • Score Strategy: Here’s the twist – the fewer attempts you use, the higher your score climbs. It’s all about accuracy and quick thinking.
  • Share Your Triumphs: Share your high scores with friends and fellow music enthusiasts via social networks. Bragging rights await!
  • Need a Break? No Problem: Stuck on a particularly challenging tune? No worries! You can opt to skip to the next song and come back to it later.

Whether you’re a seasoned music expert or just looking for a fun and engaging pastime, our game modes offer something for everyone. So, select your preferred mode, put on your thinking cap, and let the music guessing games commence!


What is ReHeardle?

ReHeardle is an exciting music game that challenges players to guess the correct artist and title of popular songs based on a short two-second snippet of their intros.

How do I play ReHeardle?

Playing ReHeardle is simple. You’ll be presented with a brief snippet of a song’s introduction. Listen carefully and try to guess the song’s artist and title. Type your answer and select the correct song from the provided list before submitting.

How many attempts do I get to guess the song?

You have a total of six attempts to guess the song correctly. However, the fewer attempts you use, the higher your score will be.

What game modes are available in ReHeardle?

ReHeardle offers various game modes to suit different tastes, including the Original Heardle mode and specialized modes like ’80s Heardle and ’90s Heardle. You can choose the mode that resonates with your musical preferences.

What if I can’t guess a song correctly?

If you’re stuck on a song and can’t make an accurate guess, you have the option to skip it and move on to the next one. This way, you can come back to it later if you’d like.

Where can I play ReHeardle?

You can enjoy ReHeardle on the website Simply visit the website, select your preferred game mode, and start the musical challenge.

How can I get more information about ReHeardle’s features and availability?

For detailed information about ReHeardle’s features and any updates, we recommend checking official sources or platforms associated with the game. Keep an eye on announcements for the latest news and developments.


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