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If you’re a fan of Wordle and want your children to enjoy a kid-friendly version of this word-guessing sensation, Spellie is the game for you. In this article, we’ll delve into the enchanting world of Spellie, providing insights on how to download and play this captivating word puzzle. Let’s explore why Spellie online is a must-try for young wordsmiths!

Spellie: A Daily Wordle Adventure for Kids

Spellie is exclusively designed for daily word-solving excitement, making it the perfect pastime for children. With three daily puzzles of varying difficulty levels, Spellie offers an engaging and educational experience. The simple puzzle features Grade 2 vocabulary words, making it accessible and enjoyable for young players. For those seeking a challenge, the hard mode incorporates Grade 5 vocabulary words to test their word-guessing skills. Each day, you have six opportunities to crack the daily word puzzle, providing endless hours of fun and learning.

Play Spellie Online

Rules of the Game

This simple yet addictive game has taken the internet by storm, thanks to its straightforward rules. Your objective is to guess the daily word correctly within six attempts and across three different difficulty modes. If you succeed, you can proudly share your triumph with friends on your favorite social media platforms.

Here’s a breakdown of the rules:

  • Guess the hidden word in six attempts.
  • Each attempt should contain a valid 5 or 4-letter word.
  • Watch the letters change color after each try, indicating your proximity to the correct word.
    • Blue signifies that a letter is not in the secret word.
    • Yellow indicates that a letter is part of the word but in a different position.
    • Green means you’ve nailed it – the letter is in the word and in the right spot.

Additionally, don’t forget that the puzzle refreshes daily at midnight local time, ensuring a fresh challenge for young wordsmiths eager to expand their vocabulary.

Embrace the Spellie Adventure!

Spellie brings the joy of word puzzles to a younger audience, making learning fun and engaging. Download Spellie today, and watch as your kids embark on a word-guessing journey that’s both entertaining and educational. Join the Spellie community and discover why this adapted version of the popular Wordle game is perfect for your children’s daily entertainment.

Get ready to spell, guess, and conquer with Spellie, the ultimate wordle game for kids!

how to play

Spellie caters to a wide range of age groups, offering three distinct difficulty levels. Whether your child is just beginning their word game journey or has a vast vocabulary, Spellie has something for everyone.

One standout feature is the flexibility of entering letters in any order. Imagine your child spots a green “G” in the third position; they can simply click on the corresponding circle and start with “G.” This feature encourages creativity and exploration as they brainstorm possible solutions for the puzzle. However, it’s worth noting that the keyboard at the screen’s bottom opts for an alphabetical arrangement, a user-friendly choice for most kids but potentially perplexing for adult players.

Adding to the excitement, Spellie rewards players with emojis when they guess specific words, even if those words aren’t the puzzle’s solution. For instance, if you guess “POINT,” you’ll earn a delightful 100 emojis to expand your collection. Easily access and admire your emoji gallery by clicking on the icon beside the settings. Get ready to enjoy hours of gaming delight with Spellie!

Experience the joy of wordplay with Spellie, where age is no barrier to the thrill of the game. Try it today and discover the endless entertainment that awaits players of all ages.


What is Spellie, and how does it work?

Spellie is an engaging daily word puzzle game designed for kids. It features three difficulty levels that challenge players to guess a hidden word. Players can input letters in any order and receive color-coded feedback to help them solve the puzzle.

Is Spellie suitable for all age groups?

Yes, Spellie caters to a wide age range. Its three difficulty levels make it accessible for both younger children and older kids with a larger vocabulary.

How many chances do I get to guess the daily word?

You have six attempts to guess the daily word in Spellie. Use them wisely to crack the puzzle!

What is the significance of the color-coded letters?

In Spellie, color-coded letters provide valuable hints. Blue letters are not in the secret word, yellow letters are part of the word but in the wrong position, and green letters are correct and in the right place.

How is the keyboard arranged in Spellie?

The keyboard in Spellie is arranged alphabetically, which is user-friendly for most kids. However, it may be a bit confusing for adult players.

When does the daily puzzle update in Spellie?

The daily puzzle in Spellie refreshes at midnight local time, providing a new challenge for players every day.


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