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Introducing Sweardle, the latest iteration of the beloved game Lewdle! The primary objective of Sweardle is to uncover a four-letter word within just four attempts. Its design aesthetics are reminiscent of Wordle, featuring a familiar color scheme, allowing you to employ your letter knowledge to crack the daily puzzle. However, here’s the twist: Sweardle challenges you to guess four-letter swear words.

In essence, Sweardle shares a striking resemblance to Wordle, boasting its signature green and yellow boxes. This engaging word-guessing game promises a fun and intriguing experience for word enthusiasts. Dive into the world of Sweardle and put your vocabulary skills to the test!

How to Play Sweardle

Engaging in a round of Sweardle is akin to the Wordle experience, providing daily word-guessing challenges on its website. Each day, players are presented with an empty grid of squares, ready to embark on their word-guessing journey. Unlike Wordle’s five-character words with six guesses, Sweardle simplifies the formula with four-letter words and four attempts, ensuring a more straightforward and accessible gameplay.

In Sweardle, deciphering the correct word is facilitated by color-coded cues. Yellow bricks signify correct letters in the wrong position, while green bricks indicate that the letter is in the right place. Notably, Sweardle focuses exclusively on the realm of obscenities.

Play Sweardle Online

For those seeking some helpful hints to kickstart their Sweardle adventure, here’s a selection of strategic word options featuring essential vowels and common consonants:

  • d.i.e.d (2 vowels)
  • l.i.a.r (2 vowels)
  • c.r.a.p
  • s.c.u.m
  • s.i.c.k
  • t.i.p.s
  • l.i.p.s
  • b.u.r.p
  • b.o.n.g
  • c.h.a.v

Upon submitting your guesses, Sweardle provides results accompanied by concise comments, adding a playful touch to your gaming experience. So, dive into the world of Sweardle and enjoy the linguistic challenge it offers!


What is Sweardle?

Sweardle is an engaging word-guessing game inspired by the popular Wordle. It challenges players to decipher a four-letter swear word within four attempts while utilizing color-coded clues.

How does Sweardle differ from Wordle?

Sweardle differs from Wordle in several ways. It uses four-letter swear words instead of five-character words, and players have four guesses instead of six. Sweardle also provides hints through yellow and green bricks.

How do the yellow and green bricks work?

In Sweardle, yellow bricks indicate correct letters in the wrong position, while green bricks show that a letter is in the correct place. These color-coded cues help you refine your guesses.

Can I play Sweardle on a daily basis?

Yes, Sweardle offers a daily challenge. Each day, a new puzzle awaits you on the website, providing a fresh opportunity to test your word-guessing skills.

Are there any specific swear words used in Sweardle?

Yes, Sweardle exclusively focuses on obscene words. Players are encouraged to guess four-letter swear words during the game.

How are results presented in Sweardle?

Sweardle delivers results with short and humorous comments, adding a fun element to your gaming experience. Expect playful feedback on your guesses.


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