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In the captivating world of “Thirdle,” players are challenged to crack a three-letter word in just three attempts. This unique Wordle variation has carved its niche as a standalone gaming experience. You might assume it’s a breeze, but think again!

“Thirdle” is a free-to-play game that boasts simplicity and accessibility. No convoluted features to contend with; it’s a straightforward dive into word-guessing excitement. Keep in mind, though, that you only have three opportunities to guess the elusive word. Brace yourself for the twist: some letters may appear more than once! Each letter comes with its distinct set of clues, keeping the challenge fresh and engaging.

Once you’ve wrapped up your daily gaming session, “Thirdle” graciously offers you the chance to embark on a new round. All that’s required of you is to return and simply tap or click to kickstart another exhilarating free round when it’s available.

“Thirdle” and its counterpart, “Sedecordle,” promise endless entertainment. Don’t let the fun pass you by! Join the wordplay adventure today.

How to play Thirdle game?

Prepare for the ultimate word-guessing showdown with Thirdle! In this daily puzzle, you have six chances to crack the code.

Play Thirdle Online

To give you a head start, you’ll receive two correct starting letters. But the real excitement begins as you make your guesses. Keep an eye on the changing tile colors, as they reveal your progress:

  • Green: Tiles in the correct position.
  • Orange: Tiles belong to the correct word but are in the wrong place.
  • Pink: Tiles are part of an incorrect word.
  • Black: Tiles don’t belong in any words.

Here’s the kicker: a letter can make multiple appearances, adding a layer of complexity to this engaging challenge. Are you up for the thrill of solving Thirdle? Test your word prowess today!

Thirdle points

In every thrilling game of our challenge, points are your key to success:

  • Correct answers on your very first turn earn you an impressive 100 points.
  • Nailing it on your second attempt will still get you a solid 75 points.
  • Even if it takes until the third try, you’ll still rack up a respectable 50 points for a correct guess.

But beware! An incorrect guess will cost you 25 points, so tread carefully. And if you decide to utilize a hint to assist you on your quest, it will deduct 25 points from your score.

Track your progress with ease by simply clicking on the STATS button. It’s your portal to keeping tabs on your points and other essential statistics throughout the game. Ready to test your skills and watch those points soar? Start playing now!


What is Thirdle?

Thirdle is an exciting word-guessing game where players aim to decipher a three-letter word within a limited number of attempts.

How do I play Thirdle?

To play Thirdle, you’ll receive two starting letters, and you must guess the entire three-letter word within six attempts. Each guess comes with feedback to guide you towards the correct word.

How are points awarded in Thirdle?

Points are earned as follows:
First-turn correct answers earn 100 points.
Second-turn correct guesses earn 75 points.
Third-turn correct guesses earn 50 points.
Incorrect guesses deduct 25 points.
Using a hint costs -25 points.

What do the tile colors mean in Thirdle?

Tile colors indicate your progress:
Green: Tiles in the correct position.
Orange: Tiles in the correct word but in the wrong place.
Pink: Tiles in an incorrect word.
Black: Tiles that don’t belong in any words.

How can I check my game statistics in Thirdle?

Simply click on the STATS button to see your points and other essential statistics at any time during the game.

Are there any time limits in Thirdle?

No, there are no time limits in Thirdle, so you can take your time strategizing and guessing the word.


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