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Wordle, the word-guessing game, has taken the gaming community by storm. It’s a game that’s accessible on any smart device, making it easy for players to enjoy anytime, anywhere. Its simplicity is a key draw for enthusiasts of word puzzles, and it has even sparked the creation of exciting variations, with one standout being THIRTLE.

THIRTLE: A Twist on Wordle Gameplay

THIRTLE’s gameplay closely mirrors that of Wordle, but the name itself hints at a unique twist. “Thirtle” combines “thirty” and “Wordle,” signaling that you’re in for a challenge of playing thirty consecutive rounds of Wordle. Unlike Wordle, where you aim to guess a single word in one round, Thirtle demands that you find thirty secret words in succession to emerge victorious. In essence, a single round of Thirtle is akin to playing thirty rounds of Wordle.

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Each secret word in Thirtle grants you six attempts, giving you a total of 180 tries to emerge triumphant. Once you complete a word, the next round awaits.

Forget about keeping track of time in Thirtle; the game’s clock serves only to gauge your overall performance. The faster you can guess all the words, the higher your score will soar.

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Rules Of Thirtle Game

In Thirtle, decoding the right word involves a visual language of three distinctive signal colors:

  • Gray: This shade signifies letters that do not belong to the solution word, helping you eliminate incorrect choices.
  • Yellow: The warm hue signals that a letter is indeed part of the solution word, though its placement needs adjustment.
  • Orange: A vibrant orange gleam indicates that the letter is not only correct but also perfectly positioned within the word.

Thirtle’s color-coded cues are your key to deciphering the puzzle and getting closer to victory.

How To Play Thirtle?

Thirtle, the engaging word-guessing game, is at your fingertips, accessible via the web browser of any smart device connected to the Internet. For an optimal Thirtle gaming experience characterized by smooth and intuitive controls, look no further than Wordle.

Play Thirtle Online

Playing Thirtle is a breeze; you have the flexibility to choose between the digital on-screen keyboard or your physical keyboard. Whether you prefer typing or tapping on the screen to create words, simply hit “Enter” or click to submit your answers effortlessly.

Experience Thirtle’s captivating gameplay on the device of your choice and dive into a world of word puzzles today.


What is Thirtle?

Thirtle is an exciting word-guessing game that challenges players to guess thirty secret words in a row, a unique twist on the classic word puzzle gameplay.

How do I play Thirtle?

Playing Thirtle is straightforward. You can type or tap letters on the screen to form words and press “Enter” or click to submit your answers. The objective is to guess thirty consecutive words correctly.

How many attempts do I have for each word in Thirtle?

You have six attempts for each secret word in Thirtle, giving you a total of 180 tries to win the game.

Is there a time limit in Thirtle?

Thirtle does not have a time limit for each round. The clock serves solely to evaluate your overall performance, with faster completions resulting in higher scores.

Are there any tips for winning Thirtle?

Patience and word-building skills are key. Pay attention to the color-coded hints and aim to find the correct words one after another to reach the ultimate goal of thirty consecutive correct answers.

Can I compete with friends in Thirtle?

As of now, Thirtle primarily focuses on individual gameplay. However, some platforms may offer leaderboard features where you can compare your scores with friends and other players.


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