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Explore the exciting world of Tridle, a captivating word puzzle game inspired by the popular Wordle! Tridle offers an engaging and interactive experience for players, challenging their word-solving skills with the simple use of a keyboard and mouse.

In Tridle, your task is to unravel the mystery word by carefully selecting one letter at a time from a pool of five options. The catch is that you can only guess if the chosen letter is correctly positioned within the word. The first letter you guess is always the initial letter of the word, and similarly, the last letter remains the final letter of the word. Beware, though! If you guess a word that already exists in the game’s dictionary, you’ll be disqualified and will need to start afresh.

The thrill intensifies as you earn points for each correct guess, but there’s a twist – guessing incorrectly will cause you to lose points. When the game reaches its conclusion, the player with the highest point tally emerges victorious.

Tridle offers two exhilarating modes of play:

  • “Wordle” mode: This mode allows you to input the entire word at once, making it user-friendly and accessible for all levels of players.
  • “Triple Wordle” mode: In this mode, you must type one letter at a time and then hit the “space” key to enter “wordle” mode. This adds an extra layer of challenge, as you need to be vigilant to avoid accidentally typing a non-existent word.

Get ready to dive into the world of Tridle and test your word-solving prowess. Can you emerge as the ultimate wordsmith? Give it a try today, and let the word games begin!

How To Play Tridle

The primary objective of this engaging game is to uncover three words or successfully solve three Wordle puzzles displayed on your screen. Winning the game hinges on your ability to identify and submit three consecutive words. As you progress, all three columns on the screen will be progressively filled in with each word you enter.

Play Tridle Online

Here’s a handy tip: when a letter changes to a vibrant yellow hue, it signals that the letter exists in a different cell within the word but is still a valid match. However, when a letter transforms into a vivid shade of green, it indicates a precise match, aligning perfectly with the word and the corresponding box.

To enhance your puzzle-solving prowess, it’s advisable to first identify two or three letters. This strategic approach can significantly simplify the task at hand, making it easier to decipher the words.

The ultimate triumph in this game is achieved by accurately guessing all three words. Are you up for the challenge? Put your word-solving skills to the test, and if you can correctly decipher all three words, victory will be yours. Give it a try today!


What is Tridle?

Tridle is an exciting word puzzle game inspired by the popular game Wordle. It challenges players to guess a hidden word by selecting letters one at a time, all while competing to earn the highest score.

How do I play Tridle?

To play Tridle, you’ll need to guess a hidden word by selecting letters from a list of options. You can either type the entire word at once in “wordle” mode or type one letter at a time and press “space” to enter “triple wordle” mode for a more challenging experience.

How are points awarded in Tridle?

Points are awarded in Tridle when you correctly guess a letter in the correct position of the word. However, guessing a word that’s already in the game’s dictionary results in disqualification and a need to start over.

What are the game modes in Tridle?

Tridle offers two game modes: “wordle” mode, where you enter the entire word at once, and “triple wordle” mode, where you type one letter at a time and then press “space” to enter the word. “Triple wordle” mode adds an extra layer of challenge.

How do I win Tridle?

The goal of Tridle is to find or solve three words in a row. If you successfully identify and guess all three words, you win the game.

Are there different difficulty levels in Tridle?

Tridle offers two modes, with “triple wordle” mode being the more challenging option. You can choose the mode that suits your skill level and preference.


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