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Are you a travel and geography aficionado? Put your knowledge and skills to the test with WhereTaken, the thrilling game that challenges you to identify famous landmarks and locations through captivating pictures. Our goal is simple: correctly guess the name of the place featured in each image.

How to Play: At the start of each round, you’ll be presented with a stunning image of a renowned landmark or place. Your mission? Pinpoint the exact location depicted in the picture. You have six attempts to make your guesses before receiving a comprehensive evaluation of your responses.

Our Smart Analysis: With every guess, WhereTaken carefully assesses your answer and offers valuable insights. We provide a ‘correctness level,’ indicating the proximity and direction of the place in relation to its country or region. Additionally, we furnish you with a correctness percentage, helping you refine your guesses and make more informed decisions leading to the correct answer.

Three Levels of Challenge: WhereTaken offers three exciting difficulty levels: Normal, Pro, and Expert. Choose the level that matches your geographical prowess, allowing players of all skill levels to enjoy the game at their own pace.

Experience Geography Like Never Before: We encourage players to harness their knowledge of geography, landmarks, and travel experiences to conquer the challenge of identifying places in our captivating images. WhereTaken offers an engaging and interactive way to test and expand your geographical expertise while having a blast.

Share the Fun: As you immerse yourself in WhereTaken, don’t forget to invite your friends to join the excitement. Challenge them to guess the locations in our pictures and ignite a friendly competition. Share the joy of exploring and recognizing famous places together.

Ready to embark on a thrilling journey of discovery and knowledge? Dive into the world of WhereTaken and elevate your geography skills while having a fantastic time!”

How to play

Are you ready to test your geography expertise? Dive into our engaging game, where you’ll kick off each round with a captivating picture of a famous landmark, awaiting your expert guess. You’ve got six chances to crack the code, and after each attempt, you’ll receive a simulation result revealing the correct answer.

Our Smart Analysis: Every answer you provide undergoes meticulous scrutiny by our system. We’ll assess your response, providing a ‘correctness level’ that hints at the distance and direction of the landmark’s country or region. Plus, you’ll receive a correctness percentage to help you fine-tune your guesses, inching closer to the right solution. Players will harness their analytical skills to deduce the correct final answer.

Play WhereTaken Online

Three Levels of Challenge: Take control of your gaming experience by selecting one of three difficulty levels in the game settings: Normal, Pro, or Expert. Tailor the challenge to your knowledge and abilities, ensuring a thrilling experience for every player.

Share the Fun: Don’t keep the excitement to yourself—invite your friends to join in the adventure! Challenge them to decipher locations in our captivating images and enjoy the camaraderie of friendly competition.

Discover More: If you’re hooked on this game, don’t miss out on Travle, our next adventure that transports you to various countries worldwide. Test your knowledge by guessing the country name in the given area and embark on hours of gaming enjoyment!

Ready to embark on an exciting journey? Join us and let’s explore the world together!”


What is WhereTaken?

WhereTaken is an entertaining game designed for travel and geography enthusiasts. It challenges players to identify famous landmarks and places through pictures, putting their geographical knowledge and skills to the test.

How do I play WhereTaken?

To play WhereTaken, you are presented with a picture of a famous landmark or place at the beginning of each round. Your task is to correctly guess the name of the place depicted in the given picture. You have six guesses to make before receiving a simulation result that provides feedback on the correctness of your answer.

What kind of feedback do I receive after each guess?

After each guess, WhereTaken analyzes your response and provides information such as the “correct level,” which suggests the distance and direction of the country or region related to the place. It also presents the percentage of correctness compared to the correct answer. This feedback helps you make more informed guesses and draw inferences to arrive at the correct final answer.

Can I play WhereTaken with my friends?

Absolutely! WhereTaken encourages social interaction. You can share the game with your friends and invite them to join you. Compete with your friends in guessing the locations of the pictures, adding a fun and competitive element to the game.

Can I suggest new landmarks or places to be included in the game?

While the availability of new landmarks and places may vary, many games like WhereTaken have a feature for users to suggest new content. Check the game’s settings or community forums for information on how to make suggestions.

How can I report issues or seek support for the game?

If you encounter any issues or need assistance while playing WhereTaken, you can usually find a “Contact Support” or “Report a Problem” option within the game’s settings or on the app’s official website. Feel free to reach out for help or to report any problems you encounter.


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