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Are you ready for a brain-teasing word puzzle adventure? Look no further than Word500! This captivating game will test your word-solving skills with hints that reveal the number of correct letters, but not their positions. Think of it as your new favorite word game, similar to the popular Wordle.

How Word500 Works

Your mission is to uncover the secret word in eight attempts or fewer. After each guess, keep an eye on the colored squares to the right. They’ll provide valuable feedback on how close you are to cracking the secret word.

Word500 caters to a global audience, supporting gameplay in eight languages. Whether you’re in Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, Catalonia, England, France, or Spain, Word500 has you covered. With three distinct difficulty levels to choose from, there’s a challenge for everyone.

  • Standard Level (Green Smiley): In this mode, the secret word won’t contain repeated letters (e.g., “ORDER”), and some letters may be deliberately omitted.

Every day, each language and difficulty level presents a fresh secret word, ensuring endless entertainment. You have six chances to guess the correct word, allowing you to strategically deduce the letters and their placements in your first five attempts.

Embark on a word-solving journey like never before with Word500. We hope you savor every moment of this exciting word puzzle game!

Give it a try and let the wordplay begin. Enjoy the challenge!

How to play Word500

Begin Your Word500 Adventure

Kickstart your Word500 journey by launching the game on your preferred gaming platform. Alternatively, opt for the classic pen and paper method if you prefer the traditional touch.

Play Word500 Online

Take Your First Shot

Dive right in by making your initial guess—a five-letter word of your choice. Feel free to get creative with your letter combinations.

Post your first guess, and the game will promptly offer valuable feedback:

  • “Correct” letters: Exact matches with the secret word.
  • “Good” letters: Correct letters in the correct positions.
  • “Bad” letters: Incorrect letters not part of the secret word.
  • “In the wrong place” letters: Correct letters, but not in their secret word positions.

Hone Your Strategy

Leverage the feedback provided with each guess to fine-tune your subsequent attempts.

Continue with informed guesses, systematically narrowing down your options based on the given information.

Crack the Code

Keep the excitement going by making guesses until you successfully unravel the mystery of the five-letter word—or until you exhaust your allocated guesses.

Your ultimate mission: Guess the word correctly within the allotted attempts.

“Word500” is more than just a game; it’s an exhilarating word puzzle experience that puts your word-solving prowess and deductive skills to the test. Utilize the insightful feedback to decipher the secret word within the game’s unique parameters. Get ready for an intellectually stimulating and addictively fun word challenge that promises hours of enjoyment.


What is Word500?

Word500 is an engaging word puzzle game that challenges players to decipher a secret five-letter word using clues and feedback. It’s a test of word-solving skills and deductive reasoning.

How do I play Word500?

To play Word500, you start by making an initial guess of a five-letter word. After each guess, you receive feedback that includes “Correct” letters (exact matches), “Good” letters (correct letters in the correct positions), “Bad” letters (incorrect letters not in the secret word), and “In the wrong place” letters (correct letters but in the wrong positions). You continue making educated guesses to solve the word within a set number of attempts.

Can I play Word500 on multiple gaming platforms?

Yes, Word500 is designed to be played on various gaming platforms. Simply launch the game on your preferred platform or opt for the traditional pen-and-paper method.

How many attempts do I have to solve the word in Word500?

You have a limited number of attempts to guess the word, typically within eight tries. The goal is to decode the five-letter word within this set limit.

Is Word500 a solo game, or can I play it with friends?

Word500 is primarily a solo word puzzle game. You can challenge yourself to improve your word-solving skills and compete with your own records.

How can I get Word500 and start playing?

You can usually find and download Word500 from your gaming platform’s app store or website. Simply search for “Word500,” download the game, and you’ll be ready to start your word-solving adventure.


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