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If you’re more at home with international and domestic export products than 5-letter word guessing, Tradle is your game of choice! This distinctive puzzle experience takes inspiration from popular daily puzzle games like Wordle but adds an exciting twist. Instead of wordplay, Tradle presents players with the intricate breakdown of a country’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and invites them to unravel the mystery country behind it.

Navigate the Clues: Distance, Direction, Proximity

Tradle introduces three crucial elements that guide players toward the correct answer:

  • Distance: This metric gauges how near or far your guess is from the actual target. It offers a clear measure of your accuracy.
  • Direction: A subtle hint that indicates whether your guess surpasses or falls short of the target country’s GDP breakdown.
  • Proximity: This indicator hints at your proximity to the correct answer without giving it away entirely.

Tradle is more than a game; it’s a cerebral challenge that encourages players to think critically, analyze economic data, and employ deductive reasoning to pinpoint the mystery country. Beyond the thrill of the game, Tradle offers an educational journey, enriching players’ understanding of different countries’ economies and their export products.

By seamlessly integrating hints and feedback into the gameplay, Tradle provides an engaging and interactive experience. Players can strategically utilize these hints to refine their subsequent guesses, steadily narrowing down the possibilities and inching closer to the elusive target.

A Test of Economic Insight

If economics, trade, and global markets are your forte, Tradle offers a fresh take on daily puzzle games. Challenge yourself to identify countries based on their GDP breakdowns, and discover how accurately you can deduce the target country. Dive into the world of Tradle today and embark on a global puzzle adventure that stimulates both intellect and curiosity.

How To Play Tradle: A Step-by-Step Guide

While Tradle may seem challenging initially, we’re confident you’ll find it immensely enjoyable once you get the hang of it. This unique game invites you to embark on a journey of speculation, centered around identifying a nation. And the best part? You can proudly share your triumph with friends on social media once you’ve cracked the Tradle code.

Unravel the Mystery in Six Guesses

Your quest in Tradle is to correctly identify the “Tradle” within just six guesses. Each day presents you with a brand-new treemap showcasing the exports of a specific nation. In this treemap, each rectangle symbolizes the product’s proportion of exports for that nation. Your mission is to deduce the nation behind the treemap using your economic insights and deductive skills.

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Deciphering Clues: Distance, Direction, Proximity

After each guess, Tradle provides invaluable clues to guide you on your quest. These clues include:

  • Distance: A measure of how near or far your guess is from the target nation, giving you a clear indication of your accuracy.
  • Direction: A subtle hint revealing whether your guess exceeds or falls short of the target nation’s identity.
  • Proximity: An indicator of your proximity to the correct answer, offering valuable hints without outright divulging the solution.

Tradle is not just a game; it’s a journey of discovery and deduction. So, challenge yourself, explore the treemaps, and put your knowledge of global exports to the test. Can you uncover the hidden Tradle and emerge victorious?

Start your Tradle adventure today and share your puzzle-solving prowess with friends. Let the world know that you’ve cracked the enigma of Tradle!


What does the treemap in Tradle represent?

In Tradle, the treemap showcases the proportion of exports for a specific nation. Each rectangle within the treemap symbolizes a product’s share of that nation’s exports.

How are guesses in Tradle evaluated?

After each guess in Tradle, you receive three types of clues: Distance, Direction, and Proximity. These clues help gauge your accuracy and guide you toward the correct nation.
Distance: Indicates how close or far your guess is from the target nation.
Direction: Hints whether your guess exceeds or falls short of the target nation’s identity.
Proximity: Offers subtle hints about your proximity to the correct answer without revealing it outright.

Can I share my Tradle progress on social media?

Yes, once you successfully solve Tradle, you have the option to share your achievement on social media. Spread the word about your puzzle-solving skills with your friends!

Is Tradle suitable for players of all ages?

Tradle is designed to be an engaging and educational puzzle game suitable for a wide range of players. Its diverse challenges cater to players of varying ages and backgrounds.

Can I replay Tradle if I don’t solve the puzzle in six guesses?

Absolutely! Tradle offers unlimited replayability, allowing you to continue honing your deductive skills and exploring the treemaps to identify nations.


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